Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 21, 2012

Mental Health Day #21 NHBPM

Day # 21 mental health.

Our body and mind are connected, work together in harmony most times, but when the balance shifts one way or another, the imbalance can cause serious consequences.

Mental health is important in our physical and emotional well-being. With the healthy mental state we are able to navigate through life’s stress, contribute to our community, capable to learn new skills and coping with afflictions. Poor mental health will take ones ability from achieving what they could otherwise, they may lack of a full enriched life and it can lead to substance abuse at times too. Poor mental health can enhance the symptoms of physical ailments as well. To take care of ones physical and emotional well-being takes an effort, as well as awareness to recognize if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

In many cultures mental health issues are not being recognized, or if they are , it is hidden and barely  taken care of. This may result in serious effect later on, when one is not getting the necessary help they need.

A well-balanced and treated mind is crucial for all, and it is certainly important to those who are battling with other physical or mental conditions.

My son with ASD had been mistreated in school (once in private school, and once in public school) severely. He was under such stress at the first time that he scratched his face bloody, but since he was unable to talk, express his needs and abuse to me I was not aware of the problem for a while. His mental state was in a desperate state, and it  took us many months to correct it, and allow him to gain his self-confidence back. His academic growth stalled, his emotional well-being was in a crisis.  Once we healed his psychological wounds, he started to cope with every day’s stress much better, his academic achievements were  soaring high, his whole disposition was warm and lovable and well-balanced. He got sick less often  as well, which is  an amazing progress, and that time we knew he has a good chance to be able to stand on his feet later on in his life.
Unfortunately we experienced another bad spell with him after the public school abuse, and that recovery took even longer. It took about a year to recover him, with a help of many professionals, that included his teachers in his new school, and the therapists who were working with him. With an effort of those who are involved, and a continues love he received from so many places and people, allowed him to regain his self-confidence, self-worth a better physical and emotional well-being once again.

Many claims that some of the afflictions are necessary to be better and stronger. My opinion is, no affliction that affect the mind in a negative way is needed to be strong, as a matter of fact, they need to be avoided by all costs. The damage that was done to my son carried too much of a negative effect on his state of mind.

I put a great deal of importance to raise my typical daughter and my ASD son in a nurturing environment, where their  emotional needs are met, taken care of and balanced as much as I can.

Mental health is a serious concern. Regardless what it maybe, if it is depression or schizophrenia, or anything in between, it  needs to be addressed as soon as possible, because  psychological issues can make or break one’s life.

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