Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 23, 2012

What the Doctor and I learned from Each-other day #23 NHBPM

Day #23, Today’s prompt “What’s something  the doctor taught me, or I taught the doctor”.

There is always  room for learning, it would be arrogant to say we know everything.

My son’s condition and diagnosis taught me many things about life, but his doctor taught me  other important things.

When he was only 13 months of age, after his vaccination I kept  telling him something is really wrong with Amin, but he kept telling me the same old story, ” he is a boy, a second child, and have a talkative sister.” Yet, he could not explain why he lost his words almost overnight. He was, and still is an excellent pediatrician with long years of experience, and that was somewhat comforting for me to accept his reasoning. I did not listen, and went behind his back to  get answers to my questions.

Not knowingly , he taught me that I do not have to listen to him always, I need to be my son’s advocate and follow my gut feelings regardless how good doctor he is. He taught me, that I can think for myself regards to my son’s health, and I can make an independent decision, and I do not need to get his approval of it. He taught me to stand up for my children, beating all odds and scrutiny, and not even think about  other consequences. He taught me to be the advocate for my kids  for life.

In the mean time, he admitted that he learned a very valuable lesson, a lesson that he never thought of in his 30 yrs of practice. He learned to listen to a mother’s intuition. He told me, that now  it is part of  how he teaches his interns and residents, telling them to listen to the mothers, because they spent more time with the child, and know more about them than anyone else. He also told me that he always respected parents, but the respect  is at new highest seeing that doctors can overlook things that is a very serious problem, yet parents still fighting until they get answers.

I think it is important to keep open mind in every situation. What we learn from each other is always a benefit for the present and the future. Once we set our egos aside, and keep our ears and eyes open, we can learn from one another and make this world a better place.


  1. Assalam aleikoum Sis,
    MashAllah, you spoke the truth, we shouldn’t give up on our children’s potential. Doctors are not always right , they can’t see the Unseen. In Allah, we should put our trust and InshAllah we will carry on witnessing our children’s achievementa

    • ws , thank you for your comment. Yes, one thing I am very strong about is never to give up hope. For me giving up hope is giving up on my son, and that will never happen as long as I am alive. I have strong faith and that caries me to greater distances than anything else.

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