Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 27, 2012

If I could go anywhere…Day # 27 NHBPM

Day #27 “If I could go anywhere…”

If I could have a choice and ability I would like to go to Sanibel Island. I used to go with my family when I was a kid and I have great memories about all those times. A few years back I went with my kids, and they really enjoyed our stay there. This place is kid friendly, there is so much to do in our own pace. An island where every member of the family can find something to do and to enjoy.

This is the location where one can create lifetime memories, and  may never get tired to go back over and over again. It provides with a variety of activities for all ages and all interest. The restaurants are great and offer GFC food for those who are on this diet. they have a great selection, so you do not have to eat the same thing again and again.

For our family this place is really a blessing. My son is being autistic  and having a typical daughter, I always have to look for  something that will accommodate both of their interest.

The beaches are clean, and not crowded, at least when we are there it is pretty reasonable.  We can see and experience the ocean life up close and personal, sometimes too close,  which creates a lot of excitement. The water is just nice, very clear and warm, and for us it is just heavenly picking up shells.

The sunset dinner boat rides are truly amazing, and  can be very romantic with your spouse. Dolphin watch wild life cruises are truly amazing. It is not just for the kids, but it is enjoyable for the entire family.

If one want to stay on the ground there are places that we can rent bicycles and tour the island with the bikes.

There are so much to see and experiences in a calm yet exciting way.

Another attribute of this island is that people are just really nice and accepting. I had not got any weird stares about my son, nor any ignorant comment. I got sweet smiles and helping hands. Although, we  did not have any meltdowns, tantrums or anything that could attract too much attention to us, but it is clear that my son has autism and despite that fact we were accepted.

If I could go anywhere right now, or any other time in the future It would be Sanibel Island. that is the number # 1 vote for my family.

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