Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 29, 2012

My Wish… A Friend For My Son… Day # 29 NHBPM

Day # 29 NHBPM at WEGO health, I chose the prompt, “If I could accomplish one thing (anything) in 2013 it would be…”   

There are many wishes for me, but one stands out that could qualify for a miracle, but still more reachable than any other of my prayers. If I could accomplish one thing in 2013, it would be finding a good friend for my ASD son Amin.

He had a wonderful friend back in Florida, his name is Brandon. They were close in age, they were in a same class room mostly, and they just became friends. They even got into trouble together. I loved that little boy along with his wonderful parents, and I know Amin deeply cared about him as well. Many times Amin sings this song from Yogi Bear movie “you are my best friend and I love you Brendon”. He never sang that song before , only after we left Florida. Every time I hear that song it brings tears into my eyes, knowing he misses him.

Every time we walk and passed by kids and he looks at them, and they won’t even look at him or just make a remark about him,  it breaks my heart into million pieces over and over again. I see the look on his face how much he want to be included, and he knows he is rejected. I see it in his eyes, his facial expression changes, he looks so sad, and it is painful.

I tried many times to find him a friend , a playmate but so far I am unsuccessful.

So if I can accomplish anything in 2013 or even sooner that time, I would like to find him a friend. A person who will love him like Brandon did, or even more, who cares about him , and who can overlook his awkward moments.

Who can kick and throw balls with him, run around with him, laugh and play with him. Who can be there for him when others making fun of his condition, or shortcomings, who can be  patient with him until he figures out how to do certain things. I would love to have another Brandon there for him to feel that someone else, other than mommy loves to play and have fun with him, so he knows that not everyone is rejecting him.

This may seem very minor to others, but friendship is important to all human beings. We are social creatures, and strive to be with others. Although ASD kids are not that social, but they still have the needs to be around people.

My heart aches to see him being alone, to see him I am the only one he can go to the playground with, and the look on his face is heart breaking when he sees the other kids having fun.

So my mission this year and 2013 to find a friend for him, to see him being happy and carefree, and wanting to go out to play with someone who cares about him, even when his homework is not done. I want him to feel true friendship all over again, where he can express himself once more, and create lifetime memories with his little friend.



  1. I just wanted to post an idea, I don’t know if it will help at all, but would it be possible for him and his friend from Florida to see each other on skype? His friend may be missing him as much and maybe they would like this. I was surprised but even my 3 year old son took right to skype and enjoyed “video chat”, before he was really able to talk on the phone at all aside from saying “hello” repeatedly and hanging up.

    • thank you for your comment and advice. i never thought of this since he has no functional speech, but it may be a great idea to encourage bith of them to speak to one another. Thanks again I think this is a fantastic idea

  2. Assalamoalaikum
    I just stumbled upon ur site while I surged the net for Carmel’s milk n Saudi Arabia. Just webt through your article n it brought tears to my eyes. I m a mother of 3 kids, 2 of which are struggling with mild to severe language delay and showing the signs of ADHD. I sooooo know what u r going thru as my son ,8, is suffering at school because of him being not so witty . He doesn’t make friends at school 😦 most of the time he wakes up with a stomachache from the fear of going to school n having no friends . Where do u live in Ksa? I m
    Im Riyadh. I would be more more than happy to set a play date of little Amin n Zaid.

    • Ws Sahar I live in Riyadh, close to the King Faisal Hospital. I will send you an email with phone number IA. Love to get to know you and your precious child.Thank you so much.

      • As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah,

        I ask Allah (‘azza wa jal) to bring Amin’s and Zaid’s Hearts together and to allow them to become closer than brothers. I ask Allah (‘azza wa jal) to allow sister Sahar’s reply to become the means for your Dua’ being answered and to unite your families upon good in this world and the next, Ameen.

        • thank you, and ameen to all

        • Ameen, Jazakallah khair 🙂

      • Same here. Would love to know you and little Amin. Will be waiting for your email 🙂

        • salam Sahar I sent you an email maybe you did not get it. here is my email address please let me know when can we meet. We would love to see you!!1

  3. Ameen.
    Supportive and understanding friends are important to ASD kids & parents… 🙂 thanks for caring and being a friend to me and many other ASD parents.


  4. i am from bangladesh, i have an asd daugher named minha , ma be i can email ou and ma be our children can become friends over skpe or viber. M email id is , i am ver much willing o make amin m daughers friend. she is non verbal bu she can communicae.

    • thank you so much for such a wonderful offer. I will email to you and we can set up a communication between the kids.

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