Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | January 11, 2013

Moving to a website

My dear readers and followers. I am happy to announce that this blog is moving to a website All the post will stay here for your convenience, but I will not be posting any new posts here. Please follow me on the other site, it is easy to subscribe.
Also, if you have a cause to advertise, or an organization on this website feel free to contact me on the email following.. I hope to see you all at my website, and feel free to give me your advice about the new site. I transferred all my posts onto the new site, as well as posted two new pots there too. one from a guest UmIbrahim , and the other is from me.
Thank you all for being here for me and hope to continue our friendship.


  1. Thanks for your update🙂 I didn’t see a way to ‘follow’ the new blog, how do subscribe there?

    • your welcome. If you go to on the top there is a picture and the left upper corner there is a orange squer symbol with lines on it. click on it it will say “subscribe” and just follow direction. Hope to see you there🙂

      • Thanks for your response! I tried that but when I click on it I just get a page that says “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.” and a bunch of code below that. Not sure if its just me or something else going on?

        • i checked it and you are right there is something wrong. i will send you a msg as soon as I fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience

  2. Is there anything(vocational training, job opportunities, care centres) for adults with autism in Malaysia? I am referring to a 40+ adult who is still a burden to his old & poor parents(the mother had passed away, he is living with his 70+ father, stepmother).

    • I will have to ask around, as I do not kow any autism resources in Malaysia.if you live there you may ask the social services to help him or train him.

  3. All the best. I hope you will share informative and useful posts that will help muslim much. Thanks a lot. I will always with you and also will be. Jajakallah Khairan.

    • thank you, I will try to pick up my pen again and be more consistent.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Unfortunately my site was hacked and i am unable to get it back and looking into opening another website.

  4. salaam i pray you are all well
    im not sure if this is the correct place to advertise
    im soon to start a weekend islamic autistic classes in my local masjid within greater london
    if you have any children with autism and would like to send them my number is 07960750595
    abdul ahad

    • Thank you so much for your comment, i will definitely post it and i will post your contact information on the whats app group i have for the greater London are a as well. many parents would love to have their children learn the Quran, and i got many PM asking if there is any such establishment where they each children with disabilities.

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