Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 24, 2012

If I Had More Than 24 hrs/Day and Unlimited Funds… Day#24NHBPM

Day#24 NHBPM. I chose the prompt “if I had more than 24 hrs/day, and unlimited funds.

How many times I wished or wondered about, what would I do in case of having longer time every day. Sometimes when I voice this hypothesis some of my close friends told me it would not be good for me, because I would find more work to do. They might be right, but deep down I know I would rest more, sleep longer than 4 hrs, and allow the kids to sleep in, knowing they have enough time to finish their studies.

If I would have more than 24 hrs/day I would take up on a new project, or a new activity for the children involving other ASD kids and their typical siblings. I would take the kids to swim  every morning to start out the day in a good note, than have a nice relaxing breakfast outside of my garden. Once the school-work is done, and homework finished we can have a long walk in the park,  time to spend in the playground to tire everyone out. At night after everyone is clean and fed and in their pajamas we can play our board games longer, watch a short movie, read a bedtime story and have the children go to sleep.

I would still have time for myself to read the books they been siting on my bookshelf, or downloaded on my kindle. I really want to read every day, but its been so long that I had time to pick up a book and read it just for fun. It is always reading what I have to read, and it is long overdue for me to read something entertaining.

I know this is very simple what I wanted to do with my extra time, but I know it would make a world of difference how I feel about myself and my time.

Another grand wish I have is unlimited funds. Wow, when I think about that my brain starts working overtime. So much I could do with the extra resources, and the potential could be great. For the beginning I would create nice resorts in different places, for families with special needs children, to accommodate everyone there, including parents.They can pick and choose where they want to spend their vacation, if it is by the beach, or in the forest, by the mountains, or a theme park. They would even have a chose of getting onto a cruise ship. They would never have to endure disapproving looks, ignorant questions, and they would have everything at hand whatever they may need.

I would be able to offer a scholarship to families who wants their kids to attend a school where their children are educated with dignity. There would be no special need child left without proper education.

I would create  a gift shop where parents can pick a gift for the kids, or kids can get nice presents for their parents/caretakers.

I would have a beauty shop for moms where their children can be taken care of by caring, loving people while they pamper themselves.

if I would have unlimited funds all special needs children would get all the medical treatment they need, and all therapies that allow them to improve and reach their full potential.

I know these are unrealistic dreams, and I also know it would make many lives easier. Still, I do not give up hope on those projects, but I  also know my limitations. I do what I can with what I have, and pray that I can still make a difference in someone’s life. This is what we should aim for, and we should never be discouraged and think about what we do not have, rather concentrate on what we have and work with that.

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