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Mother/Author’s Six-Year Secret Camel Milk Quest Helps Son-

I had an honor to have Christina Adams visit my blog. She is a mother of an autistic child, who firmly believe the benefit of the camel milk.

See her email to me below, and a very beneficial article about her struggle and victory obtaining her child THE CAMEL MILK.

I have to say, my struggle is nowhere near hers, and I count myself very fortunate to be in a place right now where the camel milk is readily available, even if it takes a little  more planning to get .Back home in the USA, I was on the waiting list to be able to get my camel milk, but never got to the front of the list. I guess God had a different plan for my little boy. I have to say,starting him on a camel milk was one of the most beneficial approach that I had done for my son. I hope I will be able to provide it for him for many more months to come. The health benefits are supersedes any struggle I may think I encounter to obtain it. So please sit back and read Christina Adams’ camel milk journey. She is definitely one of the most courages autism warrior mom I have heard of. Hoping to meet many more.

Dear Autism Mom:

I saw your blog and that you were trying camel milk. Good for you! Here’s my new story just published by Autism File Magazine: my “Got Camel Milk?” article: . Please feel free to share it on your blog if you like.

Best wishes!

Sincerely, Christina Adams 

In the article, Ms. Adams, a former NPR Day to Day commentator, explains the science behind the use of camel milk for treatment of various diseases.  She also shares her personal story of being a newly single mom who reached across the world via Skype and telephone to form a bond with two Israelis, one an esteemed Israeli-American scientist, the other a camel milk producer.  According to Ms. Adams, “They sent milk for my son, who showed remarkably better speech, attention and emotional connection the morning after drinking a half-cup of milk at bedtime.”  Adams also contacted California camel farmer Gil Riegler of Oasis Camel Dairy, as seen on “Dirty Jobs,” “Larry King Live” and “Bizarre Foods” (upcoming), who brought her frozen bottles of milk in suitcases from Israel after she introduced him to her Israeli contacts—one of whom turned out to live next door to Gil’s brother.

Ms. Adams will give the first known US public lectures on camel milk’s healing properties in May at Oasis’s first “camel dairy” seminar in California and at the Autism One conference in Chicago, in her new “Practical Magic” lecture series.  She is the first known person to get federal government permission to import camel milk for autism.  “My son has been drinking camel milk for the last five years, making him probably the longest continual user of camel milk for autism treatment,” said Ms. Adams.



Twitter: @camelmilkinfo

Autism File magazine serves the families of the growing number of individuals diagnosed with autism and the professionals who work with and care for them. We provide our readers with up-to-date information on promising treatments and therapies, medical advances, education, nutrition, special diets and a host of other topics relevant to those affected by autism. Addressing both day-to-day and long-term concerns, our goal is to ensure that our readers have the content they need to make informed decisions in caring for their loved ones with autism.  Published bi-monthly, Autism File is available nationwide at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and several other retail outlets, and by subscription.  For more information, visit .


  1. Dear Autism Mom
    What you are doing is great from great mom
    And Christina in just another great mom, doing what she can to help her child and to distribute the experience, so others can benefit
    over the years, and being interested in the medical aspect of Autism I came across some great moms, I feel proud of them, Most of them more educated in ASD than any other professionals in the field,
    They great fighters, I get my courage from them

    As for Camel milk, we at the Autism research & Treatment Center, Just finished the Camel Milk project, and as i mentioned to Christina, I am working on the results, and they are very exciting,
    Most of the Kids benefited behaviorally from the milk, and the other Biomarkers showing really very good results, which will be published soon

    ALL the best to you Autism Mom and to Christina and to all great parents fighting for their kids

    Laila AL-Ayadhi
    Autism Research & Treatment center
    AL-Amodi Autism Research chair
    Faculty Of medicine
    King Saud University

    • asalaam aleikum Prof. Laila AL-Ayadhi,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, encouragement, and most importantly your research to make these kids life better.
      As a mom and a medical professional, I seen some amazing changes in my son’s health, behavior and overall well being. It has been over 2 months now that we are providing Amin with raw camel milk. Coming to live in Saudi Arabia certainly helped us to obtain the milk easier. (We did not come for the milk, it just happened to be available:)).
      I was wondering if you can notify me about the published research you are doing, and if it will be available for distribution. There are many people who wants to know about all the benefits, and they believe that it helps, but many still wants research papers. I would love to post about your research in my blog with full credit to you, and your research facility. Please let me know if that would be something we can do.
      My readers are from all over the world, Muslims and non-Muslims. I guess with autism, all barriers, borders and religious beliefs are diminished, since every parents I spoke to , wants to heal their precious Children.
      Again thank you sincerely for your kind comment.
      May Allah bless you all for your hard work in this life and the hereafter..ameen

  2. Please tell us ,Raw camel milk to be given or paturised camel milk to be given for an autistic child?

    • Most countries, states are not allowing raw milk to be consumed. Therefore I can not tell you how to drink the camel milk, because it would be not right for me to do so.
      I know many people who drinks pasteurized camel milk and they are happy with the result.
      I for one am able to give my son fresh raw camel milk. I researched the negative that can happen, and I was still convinced that this will help my son. So I gave him raw camel milk. I honestly think you need to do your research and see what method makes you feel comfortable.
      Camel milk is like an ancient medicine, cure for many things, and when you see the components you will be amazed how much benefit you can receive consuming this delicious drink.
      Sorry for not being straightforward, bt I can get in trouble telling people what they should or should not do.
      This blog I write my experience with my son to share with others, and encourage others to share their experiences with us here as well.

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