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Ramadan with Autism

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims worldwide, and its being observed by fasting from dawn till sunset, refraining from food and drinks.

Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection as well, Muslims increase their worship knowing that all good deeds are rewarded many times during this month.

The Prophet said..”Every action of the son of Adam is given manifold reward, each good deed receiving ten times its like, up to seven hundred times”

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet, salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam, said: “There are three people whose supplications are not rejected: the fasting person when he breaks the fast, the just ruler and the supplication of the oppressed”.

So as a mother of and ASD child I like to take an extra effort during Ramadan ( and other times too) to ask God for his mercy to heal my son, to make him independent, to be able to communicate effectively, to make him successful in this life and the hereafter. In this month my hope heightens, and sometimes also decreases . I do ask myself often if I might be doing something wrong and that is why my asking for his healing is not being granted. I get very sad many times seeing my son being sick, having meltdowns, and just simply not being able to perform simple tasks. I wonder often what will happen to him when he grows up, who will take care of him if he stays in this level.

Fasting all day is not as hard as many people think. For me the hardest part is staying positive and hopeful throughout the day, that is being filled with screams, cries self injuries behavior and a desperate attempt of communication. I often resort to crying right next to him in a complete helplessness, trying to figure out the problem, or just feeling overwhelmed seeing him in his frantic attempt to tell me what is wrong with him, how he feels, what he wants or desires.

When I fell in a desperate state, I keep reminding my self that duas accepted in three ways .

1. The dua answered instantly
2. The dua is used to block unforeseen calamities the Muslim doesn’t even know about
3. The dua is preserved for some great rewards in paradise.

Ramadan can be challenging in some ways, and it sure takes some planning as well. My children like outdoors a lot, and that pose challenge here where we live. The heat is simply overwhelming , and to go out with the kids which they expect every day, is hard for me when I can not hydrate myself.  So we go out in short periods of times. We go play balls for 15 minutes, come inside  do work, than go out again do a short activity again. If it gets too overwhelming for me I make indoor obstacle curses for them to enjoy for the rest of the day. I include many sensory plays in these days, so my son can fulfill his needs in that regards too.

Once the sun sets, and I am able to eat and drink, we go for a nice long walk, play at the playground and swim in the community pool.

I never been able to go to the night prayer in masjed, my son  can not handle that kind of outings, and I never had anyone to watch him so I could go.  Many years ago I felt sad about that, but now I realize that my children’s well-being is more important than joining others to pray in our religious establishment.

Furthermore, the disapproval looks of him and myself does not worth to even go out. ASD and all of its challenges are looked down upon in many Muslims communities . We do pray together, although he is not following the rules, but he tries, and if he gets tired  or frustrated we are at home to take care of it. The sadness about not being able to attend gatherings during Ramadan had left my heart long time ago. I accepted the decree of Allah, as well as realizing the ease and convenience of staying home with my children during this time. I do wish for my typical daughter to experience  Ramadan prayers in the community, and I hope one day if she wishes she will be able to attend. My dear friend sent me an article about “My Dear Ramadan Stay-at Home Mom, I salute You” by .

This article put ease in my mind and reassured me that I do not miss anything from my Ramadan worship if I stay at home with my kids. As many difficulties a parent faces  daily  with an ASD child, a break in self doubting about something important, like worshiping in congregation is very refreshing.

So, my dear fellow  Muslim parents with ASD children. My Ramadan is not ruined by not attending tarawih prayer in the masjed, it is quite easier for me and my son to perform it at home. The days are not being wasted because we can not go out due to my fasting, we make time to go for short periods, so the need being outside can be fulfilled. We  improvise new activities inside, which increase our time spent together.There are many things a parent can do with a child during this month that brings them closer to Allah and make the family bond even stronger.

Ramadan with autism is depending on how you want to see it. If you look for opportunity it will present itself, if you look for hardship it will be difficult.  Ramadan is to re-evaluate life and put the Islamic guidance into practice again. Ramadan is to re-focus and re-prioritize our lives, to purify our body and soul, and get closer to God. Renew our hopes and rediscover the beauty and comfort of relying on God in every aspect of our lives. It is easy to lose hope in any given days, but we must remind ourselves that God gives us what is best for us, and we might not see the goodness or the purpose, but we must know it is for the greater good.

May your Ramadan be successful, may your fasting be accepted and all your duas granted ..ameen.


  1. Thanks for all your postings they really are helpful just because I am a muslim in the exact situation. May Allah make it easy for us this ramadan and forever. You give me strength knowing I am not alone especially when your new to autism and really scared. Thank you sister again.

    • we have to stick together and remind one another. Hope things gets easier for you and oyur family. may Allah bless all your efforts ameen

  2. I feel your pain sister as I have 2 boys with ASD and possibly my wife with aspergers( undiagnosed as she refuses to see psychiatris) There are days I feel I should leave her but I wont and cant do it for fear of the children. Ramadhan in Australia is short and cold these days It will be reversed in 10 yrs. You are right we musnt think of the sins we did because even a dictator could have a good family Its Allah’s will that it happened to us. Think about the rewards and how short our lives in this world So our ‘suffering’ is shortlived. About them Allah will look after them once we’re gone

    • Thank you for your comment. May Allah make it easy for you and your family, may you find comfort in his words. may your fasting be accepted ad all your duas granted ameen

  3. As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah, I was in Pakistan not long ago and my cousin informed me of a Scholar from Lahore who had 2 sons who were unable to speak until the age of 7-8.
    I asked him if they were Autisitic, to which he replied yes I think so. I asked him if there was anything the Scholar did to help his 2 sons, and he told me that the scholar would recite the 6 verses of curing (Ayaatush Shifaa) on everything they drank or ate. And he continued doing so until they could speak, and mashallah both boys are now Hafiz of Qur’an.
    Inshallah, I’m going to try and start the same and I thought perhaps it was worth sharing with you.

    Ayaatush Shifaa:

    • Ws , thank you so much for sharing it with us. this blog is all about sharing and i appreciate all valuable input. May Allah bless you for this…ameen

  4. Hi sis.. my name is Jamil, husband to Sabariah Salim. I m SAHH n taking care of my son Rayyan.. I need some help regarding home activities that I can do with my son. He is too hyper active n i need to make him more settle down n more focus in doing task. Able to share with me? Btw, he really hates writing.

    • hello, I will be able to send some ideas but if you can please send more information about your child, to my email
      It will be much easier to pick for his age and interest. just specify his likes and dislikes and his age.As soon as i get the info i be able to give you some ideas and links to help you out.

  5. Salaam Sister, Ramadan Mubarak, JazakAllah for sharing your feelings, exactly how I feel, it gets very isolated, and my son is MashaAllah 8yrs. Old now and speaks beautifully, but he prefers to just do things by himself and keep his space. He doesnt like me hugging or kissing him. And is highly sensitive to touch. He just likes to remain in his own little world, I sit near him but cant sit next to him as he likes his space, it feels very sad, yet he is fully aware that I understand his needs and comes to me when he needs help, and not his dad, I think my husband has some mild autism, undiagnosed, as he shows many signs and traits. As well as managing my child, I have to tolerate my husbands behaviour, verbal abuse, anger and lack of understanding. My son realises that I am there for him and understand his needs, and we have a beautiful solid relationship. JazakAllah sister M T Akhtar for the info. About Ayaatush Shifa, definitly going to be reading this. I have for a few years been reading Durood Shareef and some other Surahs and Ayaats and blowing over my son at bedtime every night and also when he is eating ( as he would not eat much) and Alhamdulillah he is eating well, and his speech is wonderful, clear and precise, yet he was totally non verbal until the age of seven. He has speech therapy too. Allhamdulillah for everything, and may Allah shower his blessings upon you and yor beautiful family. All the best.

    • ws, Thank you for your comment. I realize that all of us have some things that we have to make dua for, and it is so nice to come together share our feelings and experiences. Just knowing that someone else is out there and have similar feelings, fears and hopes gives ease in my heart.
      may Allah guide us all, may He help us and grants us our duas, and give us what is good for us in this life and hereafter..ameen.
      may the rest of your Ramada successful/. may your fasting be accepted and all your duas answered ameen.

    • Sister Zarina, I have a questioning relating to your son being totally non-verbal until the age of 7. Prior to speaking, did he start by echoing and copying words? Or did he just start speaking clearly out of the blue?

      • I sent a PM to Zarina so she can reply to your comment as well

      • Salaam sister, my son started by copying words, the condition is called echolalia, in autism, he always used to repeat everything that he would hear, and I would always feel sad thinking that, that was how it was always going to be, but MashaAllah three years on and he is speaking clear and precise. Pecs symbols and speech therapy along with my prayers has helped,he is a beautiful gift from Allah swt.

        • Ws Zarina, Thank yu for getting back with your answer. I also sent it via email to the family. thank you again.

        • Salaam Sister Zarina,
          Sorry for not replying to your message earlier, I was going through a difficult time etc. However, I remember you asking regarding a Qur’anic Teacher for your son. Well, I have some good news inshallah.
          Myself, along with the guidance of an expert in Autism (who use to lecture on Autism at university), will be starting a project in order to produce some software which will enable Autistic children to learn Qur’anic recitation.
          Now, as of yet, we haven’t started anything and he simply mentioned it to me 2 weeks ago after Fajr, but believe me I’m going to nag the hell out of him to ensure that we start and complete this noble cause, inshallah.
          Sister Zarina, please get back to me regarding your son because I would like to keep you informed regarding our Qur’anic software project.

        • my daughter just finished the Quran this Ramadan. her start was finding the right teacher. our teacher was not professional, but she tolerated my daughter lying down in the middle of the lesson and she very patiently taught her the letters of the arabic alphabet. she also got introduced to the arabic alphabet by a video called “Alif is for Asad”. The blending of arabic sounds with fattah, dhamma and kasra was slow. I used to get frustrated because there was no immediate results. She was also a poor reader in English at the age of 8 and had a mixed receptive-expressive language disorder and auditory processing issues along with cognitive delays. Alhumdulilah the teacher believed that she was getting it, but had a difficulty expressing. She was a UCLA graduate student wanting some extra cash before going to Law School. So being young was also an advantage in her tolerance level. She was knowledgable in Tajweed and that was enough for me.

          May Allah reward your efforts for your son. Just don’t give up!

        • Thank you for this inspiring comment. May Allah continue make your daughter advance in all areas ameen.
          This story is certainly gives hope to all of us with ASD kids.

        • Jazaakallahu khair for your reply, may Allah grant you ease in all your affairs, Ameen.

        • ameen

  6. Masha Allah you are so wise and your strength is impeccable. May Allah continue to give you courage and the wisdom to seek his guidance further.
    I was completely moved by your story as I accidentally stumbled upon it. I was looking for my own guidance during this month of Ramadan as I’m dealing with my own personal issues.
    Reading your story as has not only helped me but it’s put me in a completely different state of mind.
    I want to salute you for being there with your son and having the patience to allow him to develop into his own person. It’s difficult having children with autism but with early intervention, some improvements in behavior could be made. Do you have resources for him to seek a counsellor on either a weekly or monthly bases?
    I think the activities you’ve created for him are marvelous and you should continue to do so. I’m sure you’ve read tons of articles on how to approach children with ASD.
    I just want to thank you for your strength and having the courage to share it.
    I’ll be praying for you and your family to find peace and happiness on this earth.
    Please please remain strong!!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. IA this month will make us do more duas and see things in a better way.
      May Allah make things easy for all of us, may He heal our sick, may He forgive our sins and guide us always on the right path…ameen.
      Again your comment meant a lot to me thank you.

  7. I have recently found ( a week before ramadan) thar my 2 years and 8 months old son which is my only son is autistic. Due to my bad experience of child birth i had a major back surgury and i cant have another child. My heart is full of pain and grief. Such a grief that i cant explain it to anyone. I am 34 and this child was my only hope but now i feel i have nothing. My husband is also thinking about second marriage as he says he cant live without any normal child. He says he will see him for next two years and will try ABA therapy and if he didnt improve he will think about his own life. We live in uk and we r here alone with all relatives in pakistan. So i dont have anyone to talk to and share my sorrow. As we discussed, we should not discuss this with our families and parents in pak as they will only become distant and put a bad label on the child. So much has changed during past three weeks. I have started wearing scarf and my only hope is Allah. I am asking for His forgiveness and praying for him to heal. I am trying to help him learn urdu as we speak this language at home. I feel so helpless and cant sleep at nights. I wish i could at least have a supportive husband. Most of the men in his family have married twice for same sort of desires like for boys and for children etc. So he has many examples. My health is also not good. I worry for myself and my child a lot. I just break down everyday, pray to Allah, compose myself and then break down. Just found your blog and feel u have similar feelings. Where u live and how old is ur son?

    • ws dear sister,

      thank you for your comment. if you need to talk to someone privately here is my personal email, and you can email me as you wish.

      Sometimes a new diagnosis brings upon many difficulties within the family. Sometimes you may have to go out of the family to get emotional support, and that is ok. Once you see that your difficulties are not just yours, and others maybe in the same boat, might be slightly different circumstance you will know than you are not alone.
      Your child is only 2 yrs old alhamdulillah, with early intervention he can make lots of gains. If you his dad decides to not to be around, that is between him and Allah. I ask of you to please be there for your child, b/c if his own parents reject him who will stand up for him? The best you can do for your child is to be there for him, to guide him, to show him he is loved regardless the circumstances. Show him and help him to learn life skills so he can be independent later.
      Please do not concentrate on bad marriage and supportive family members. There are many parents out there who are raising their kids alone, and they doing amazing job. you priority should be your child only, and his progress. In UK there are many programs that prove to be helpful for the child. Start his therapy right away, and never give up hope. I am here for you email me any time and I will answer as soon as i can.
      Take care sister, and never feel hopeless.

      • Salaam sister Aisha, I totally understand how you feel, I have gone through this and know how it feels. We seem to be in similar situations, my husband also wants to go pakistan and marry into his family. He does love our our child very much and helps with him but is very verbal towards me, as my son is 8yrs. old now, and is speaking clearly, he picks up on my husbands behaviour and copies it. My son has started swearing and thinks it’s funny and calls me horrific names. Yet he is very attached to me and we spend time together around the clock doing activities, wheras my husband goes to work or sleeps, all day. Sister I would love to meet up with you, as I live a very isolated life, my whole family living in Lancashire, and I live in Cardiff, I am going to be celebrating Eid with my family and staying with my son and daughter in law for a week or so. If you want to get in touch, I would very much like to hear from you, I am also on facebook. We can share our experiences and stories. Regarding your son, sister I believe he is the most beautiful gift that Allah swt has bestowed upon you, and feel the same about my son, there are many people in our family, who are childless couples, and still together, and I feel so blessed that Allah has given me a wonderful loving and caring child. I dont know how I would cope if my husband does go, but I can give my son all the happiness and love and support and be there for him as I have done with my three other children from my previous marraige, who are all grown up now, I bought them up as a single parent after years of domestic violence, and it seems like it was easier then , than it is now, bringing up my son who is autistic. But they are very close to me, and we talk throughout the day over the phone, facebook etc. Hope things get better for you, take care sister, best

        • Thank you sister Zarina, you have been through a lot and my journey has just begun. I sometimes find myself thinking worse and this make me even more worried. There are so many unknowns in the coming years. Whether my child will go to normal school or he will be heartbroken by bullying and all. If he will ever capable of taking care of him and who will look after him after my death or if my spinal issues arise again. I am not sure even what would happen to me if i would be able to take care of him and myself in future or we will be lying somewhere in some care home :(. Whether i will live long enough to help him. He doesnt have any siblings, and no cousins or family. I just cant explain what type of thoughts cross my mind.
          Yes its good to be connected with people who Are in the same boat. I am sure i will learn a lot from you. Please share your facebook id with me may be through sister Aasiyah.

      • Salaam sister Aisha, those are exactly the feelings I have regarding my son. A fear that grips me is about my child getting bullied and about people misunderstanding him , as he is very handsome and does not look like he has a dissability, and when outside, he will repeat what other peoples say, and usually people are ok when I explain, but I may not always be wih him, and although my husband has a large family in Pakistan, and they would look after him, but they would not understand him at all, or his needs as they have a different mentality. But I do understand how you must be feeling, and hope Allah gives you strength to cope, and I am as your sister here for you anytime. My facebook ID is

  8. Thanks for your Reply. I will soon contact you as i compose myself a little bit and accept this first. Need your guidance as to what should i do to help him. May Allah ease our journey of raising our children successfully and making them independent human beings

    • take your time i be here waiting for your response. just know you will never have to be alone

    • Slm sister Yes u re not alone Im here in Australia a GP with 2 sons with ASD and a wife with aspergers Every day I keep saying to myself I want to marry another woman But I realise its hard to be fair to both Perhaps u should talk to Imam who your husband close to Men wont take advise fr a woman esp the wife Its human nature We should be grateful with what we’ve got If we cant have ‘normal’ children we cant its Allah’s will For our son we must make plan as well as dua’ Forget those people who try to blame/ pressure us They will never understand believe me Family is the worst Just think this these children are Ahlil Jannah We are here to raise them as best as we can One day Allah will reward us if not here in akhirah iA So lets us be sabr iA. May Allah help us in this month of barraqah. Bro Ramzan.

      • Thank you brother. I tried to talk to my husband about it. He has assured me that he wont leave us as we are his responsibility and those were initial thoughts came to his mind. I have left the matter to Allah, only HE knows whats is our minds and hearts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are absolutely right, relatives only put pressure and trying to blame and find reasons for your sufferings and no one can do anything for you. I salute all the men who are supporting their families in their needs and dont leave them alone in such situation. May Allah give us all patience and show us the right way. Ameen

    • As salaam alaikum sister,
      Can you speak Urdu? If yes, then my wife has told me to ask you to contact her (of course only if you like). Our son is Autistic, he is 5 years and my wife (who is 29 years old) was diagnosed with 3 abnormal heart valves and underwent heart surgery.
      As for myself, I am an Imam at Masjid Bilal in Cardiff, UK.

      • ws i sent a PM to the sister with your comment so she may reply as she wishes.

      • Yes i speak urdu. Are you a pakistani family? I will soon be in contact with your wife.

        • Aisha i sent you the contact info

        • As salaam alaikum Sister,
          Yes we are a Pakistani family, my wife speaks english, but she is more fluent in Urdu.

        • brother M T Akhhter, i dropped you an email yesterday.

      • Salaam, to brother M T Akhtar, I think I replied to your question earlier on, I have just read here that you are Imam at Bilal Masjid in Cardiff, I have gone through a whole year in search for someone who can teach my 8year old son Holy Quran. My son is autistic, and it has been my quest, to teach him to recite Quran and find a teacher who can give him one to one support, and islamic awareness. I have been afraid to send him to mosque as he does not understand much. My husband has taken him one Friday for Jumma prayer and my son kept running in front of all the brothers praying there and they became annoyed . I live in Cardiff not far from Bilal mosque. I have felt very isolated living here in Cardiff, and would appreciate if you could help my son learn about his religion and islamic awareness. I feel very frightened for him as he is growing up in a western society and copying other peoples behaviour too. I hope I could maybe also meet your wife. it is a small world, I have been reading myautisticmuslimchild postings for quite a long time, and I have seen that there are people from all over the world reading it too. JazakAllah brother.

        • Salaam Sister Zarina,
          Sorry for not replying to your message earlier, I was going through a difficult time etc. However, I remember you asking regarding a Qur’anic Teacher for your son. Well, I have some good news inshallah.
          Myself, along with the guidance of an expert in Autism (who use to lecture on Autism at university), will be starting a project in order to produce some software which will enable Autistic children to learn Qur’anic recitation.
          Now, as of yet, we haven’t started anything and he simply mentioned it to me 2 weeks ago after Fajr, but believe me I’m going to nag the hell out of him to ensure that we start and complete this noble cause, inshallah.
          Sister Zarina, please get back to me regarding your son because I would like to keep you informed regarding our Qur’anic software project.

        • Salaam Brother M T Akhtar, JazakAllah for your reply, and I appreciate and am grateful that you will be able to teach my son Quran and Islamic studies. I need for my son to have one to one teaching, but feel that he may also benefit from being in a very small group of 3 or 4 children as this will help him with his social interaction, and he copies everything therefore being with good company will be great for him. Salaam Alakuim

  9. Assalamu Alaikum. I too have a child with ASD (Well, he is actually an adult now…turning 30 next month, InshaAllah). Reading through your post and the comments brought back many memories for me. I was not a Muslim when I was raising my son, but did not bring him to any religious events because of his behaviors. I missed many family events for the same reason. But, looking back, it was more important for him and me to be away from many things as it was just too much for him to handle. I do wish that the community comes together and welcomes these beautiful children. They have more to teach us than we them! In hindsight, I think I would have welcomed someone reaching out and saying, come to the masjid, we will help you and support you in any way we can! That is what is needed! I started a Facebook page for muslim sisters with children with special needs. Please join the page and inshaAllah we can help each other. The FB page is: Resources for Muslim Sisters with Special Needs Children. I am actually sharing this post on that page.

    • Ws Dear Sister

      Thank you for your kind comment, and thank you for sharing your FB page with me. I connected with you and i will advertise your page so many can benefit from the resources there. may you and your loved one be blessed in this life and hereafter..ameen

      • JazakAllah Khair sister. May Allah SWT accept all of your du’a, fasts, and ibaadah during this most blessed month.

        • ameen sister and back at you. you are doing such amazing service for the peole who needs the most help. i would like to invite you to write about why you started the FB page what inspired you so i can posted on my blog, hoping others will take more initiative seeing your work and accomplishment. let me know about your decision here is my email

  10. Assalaamu’alaykum My Sister,,
    Subhanallah, reading your story makes me feel I’m not alone.
    I’m a mother to a 3yo son with PDD, and we’re dealing with his sensory issues and his gluten-casein-sugar free diet during this ramadhan. His sugar diet makes us unable to eat sweets.
    We live in Indonesia, almost all public swimming pool is closed during ramadhan, while my son need water activities badly. Thank you for your link to indoor obstacle courses, giving me ideas to play indoor with my son.
    And yes, we can’t go to the masjed bcoz my son likes to stand in front of the people and shout…Fortunately, my neighbourhood accept this.
    Good thing in having autistic son is, My son makes me closer to Allah, makes me re-evaluate myself often. I think this is the hidden message from Allah, so we can get closer to Allah.
    I always remember that Allah’s creation never I believe that my son brings goodness in our life.
    Thank you for your inspiring story…

    • ws Dearest sister,

      may Allah bless you in this life and hereafter..ameen for seeing the positive as opposed to the negative in this situation.
      I hope the link helps to find more activities. Also you can put him in a bathtub to play for restricted amount of time. or just give him a tub of water with two cup so he can scoop out the water into a bottle.
      Another sensory game is to get cheap beans or rice , out it into a container give him another one and make him scoop it from one container to another. Or hide small toys in it and make him look for it with his hands.
      on the internet there are many links from you-tube for children’s yoga. try some of that with the child. Get a Yoga ball have him sit on it bounce on it, it helps with sensory issues. indoor small trampoline is been very helpful for many too.
      Take care and may you be blessed in this life and hereafter
      may your fasting be accepted, and all your duas answered..ameen

      • Slm sisters I was wandering if you know or heard any muslim family has children with ASD in Adelaide Australia Its getting harder for me to cope with my 2 sons and an aspergers wife Im a full time family physician (GP) and my wife is a part time dentist. I feel more comfortable if home therapist shares the same faith as us We value and salute the non muslim Aussie therapist but there are certain aspects they lack of understanding of Islam and Asian culture. JazakAllahuhairan

  11. I too have a child with autism, I only wish I knew this mother or were close by that I might offer her respite. May Allah awj heal her child & supply her wth sustenance and patience as she endures. Ameen

    • thank you for your kindness may you be rewarded for your intention..ameen

  12. I really enjoyed this article. I wish I could be there to help. Just remember we are all making du’a for him, too! May Allah make it easy upon you all.

  13. My daughter is 13 and has Austism. I had a hard time explaining to her why we fast, but made a powerpoint presentation (since she has visual strengths). I explained to her the benefits of Laylatul Khadr and the significance of Ramadan through the visual presentation. I got through to her! Alhumdulilah! Mashallah she prayed with me and fasted with me all month that she was able. I cried the two days I woke up late for Suhoor. I did not let my kids fast on those days. I took her to the masajid for Iftaar and Maghrib, but not for Taraweh. She was so exausted from traveling out of town, I did not wake her up for Eid prayers . . . no matter how much family members objected. At least she did the fard, I explained to family members. She did her fard and I was very proud of her. More Advocacy. May Allah accept all we do.

    • MA may Allah accept it from her and your effort and reward you both in this life and hereafter..ameen

  14. assalamu alaykum

    dear brothers and sisters try to use ABA/VB approach! It helps a lot inshaAllah!

    jazakhum Allahu khayran

    • WS

      I am sure most of us are using ABA and VBA. It worked for my son, and worked for many other kids. I am a firm believer of following this method.

      • When you say it works, how does it work, what is the outcome? Share your experiences please. How many sessions it takes for a high functioning child

        • Aisha, First you have to find a good reputable therapist. make sure you do your homework and check their services. Once they evaluate your child they will be able to tell you how much time they recommend for therapy. they usually recommend 36 – 40 hrs a week. its is a lot and it is very costly as well. there are places where Insurance foots the bill. Check it with your insurance company.
          My son had a turn around almost immediately when they started ABA and VBA. His behavior changed a lot, but you have to be in contact with he therapist at all times. You approach issues as they recommend, as well as the rest of the family. It is important that therapy is carried into your home and family. Once it is applied always you will see positive changes. If there is any issues arise at any time, you need to notify your therapist to address that problem right away. VBA allows children to develop functional language, VBA stand for Verbal behavior Analysis. very successful most cases.

  15. May Allah reward you for your valuable advice on ABA/VB!!!

    • Afshan thank you for your comment. I try my best to put all my experiences out there to help others.

  16. great blog..i love hearing about how others are in there faith when it comes to living with autism. ALLAH bless:)

    • thank you for your comment, i moved my blog to where you can read more posts. this is the reason i never replied to your comments bc I hardly ever come to this site anymore. Feel free to visit my other site, hoping to see you there

  17. Asalamualaykum may Allaah swt grant you all the best ramadan and cure and heal all those who need to be healed ameen.

    Please have a lool at perhaps you already knoe about it but just in case you dont dr natasha campbell mcbride had an autistic son. Through a lot of research she managed to help her son and he is no longer autistic. Allaah swt places the cure where ever He wills perhaps it will help perhaps not only Allaah swt knows. Therr is no harm in trying it is a healthy diet change. She wrote a book you can get it from the library. There are a number of doctors round the world who have also used diet to heal autisim as well as many other illnesses.
    Hope it helps.

    • ws, Thank you, I know about the Gasp diet, and we been following most of it for some time.

    • ws, i know about her and we followed her diet for some time. We did see a huge gain.Thank you again for sharing the link

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